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Original Sarfatti chandelier by Gino Sarfatti for Flos

The Sarfatti chandelier for Flos. This chandelier is ultra modern and timeless. It has become an icon in the design world and is still a topper in the interiors!


This chandelier was designed in 1958 by Gino Sarfatti.
Gino Sarfatti founded his own company in Milan in 1939, better known as Arteluce.
This Italian luster was designed as an ultra-modern representation of the traditional chandeliers from the 1950s.

The first lamp went into production in the year 1962.
At the end of 1973, Gino Sarfatti decided to sell his company Arteluce to Flos & retired.
He died twelve years later in 1985.
The chandelier contains 30 lights.
The Sarfatti hanging lamp has become a real icon in the design world!
A timeless beauty from the Flos catalog!


Breedte: 90 cm
Hoogte: 90 cm
Diepte: 90 cm