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Free estimate

Do you want to sell something yourself? 

Do you have a beautiful vintage design piece at home and you want to sell it, or maybe know how to measure your property?
Send us a few photos and explanations and you will receive a free estimate.

What is the value of your vintage furniture now?

Do you want to get the highest price for your property?

To guarantee the highest price of your object, we can offer your object on our platform. Your piece will be professionally photographed and we will include it in our collection. Your piece will be offered to collectors and enthusiasts in the interior, European and worldwide. And this directly at the final price. Completely free of charge.

As you can see, most items are sold on the day or within 3 weeks. We take care of the complete handling as well as the shipment to the buyer, both nationally and internationally. No costs are foreseen if the object would not have been sold. This way you are always sure of immediately getting the highest price and this price is determined in advance. So no risk like at an auction where you are obliged to start the pieces at a low price and take the risk that you have to leave the pieces at a minimum price.

Thanks to our large customer base worldwide, we can immediately offer your item at the highest price.

Send us your piece without obligation. We will contact you within 3 working days with the selling price of your object. If the piece is accepted for our collection, you can bring it in and the piece will be quickly added to our collection.

As soon as the item has been sold, we pay the agreed amount to your bank account.

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