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Araki XXL photo album, limited edition

Exceptional large photo album by Nobuyoshi Araki, "an epitaph for my first 60 years." From women bound in the bondage art of kinbaku-bi to sensual flower shots


For decades, Araki brings images back to nearly 1,000 exemplary photographs, the ultimate personal retrospective of his productive, controversial oeuvre to date.

Limited collection of 2500 copies, each numbered and signed by Nobuyoshi Araki.
New price 3000 €

As we know the books of Taschen, the books are increasing in value.

Nobuyoshi Araki was born in Tokyo in 1940. At the age of twelve he receives a camera from his father and has not stopped taking photos to date.

Araki has received a camera from his father since he was twelve and has been photographing ever since.

He studied photography and film at the University of Chiba. Over the years, his bold, unabashed photographs of his private life have been the subject of much controversy and censorship (especially in his native Japan), a fact that the artist has not amazed or reduced his influence.

To date, Araki has published more than 400 books of his work.