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XXML coffee table book Marc Lagrange Lido

Marc Lagrange was a Belgian art photographer, mainly known for his nude compositions. Only 500 copies of the large book by Marc Lagrange (70x100cm) are worldwide. Marked with original tripod Marc Lagrange


From 2012 Lagrange resolutely opted for abroad and received international recognition.

In the following three years his work was on display at more than 70 different exhibitions worldwide.

During a trip to Tenerife on December 25, 2015, he and his family had an accident in which he died.

The book is a collection of 20 years of Marc Lagrange with 400 pages of his most beautiful works.

The book is one meter by 70 centimeters, XXL, and requires no less than ten hours of manual labor to make it.
500 copies, numbered and signed!

The chance that you can buy another book is small.

For us one of the most beautiful and exclusive books of all time.



Width: 50 cm
Height: 10 cm
Depth: 70 cm