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Scale model Porsche RS 1:8

WOW, extremely rare scale model of the legendary Porsche RS 2.7 on a 1: 8 scale and measures no less than 50cm. This model has a solid metal body and a metal chassis, it weighs about 5 kg.


The Carrera RS 2.7 was the extreme version of the 911 that Porsche conceived for a high-performance touring car and for a potential race winner.

The model was officially available in 1973 and was offered in various configurations, from a more civilized version to more extreme almost racing cars. In pure racing style, the RS was a success and won some major competitions in Europe and the US.

This large scale model has been finished to the smallest detail and is exceptionally detailed.

Talk about a unique Christmas gift!




Width: 51 cm
Height: 16 cm
Depth: 22 cm
Scale model Porsche RS 1:8