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Louis Vuitton trunk painted monogram XXL

This suitcase from the French fashion brand Louis Vuitton is unique because of its size. The painted monogram makes the case really authentic. A perfect storage and extremely beautiful decorative piece!


Louis Vuitton, the French brand that manufactures suitcases, bags and accessories etcetera was founded by a craftsman in 1854. He specialized in making suitcases and handbags.
The legendary monogram was introduced in 1896 by Louis Vuitton himself.
The letters L & V were originally entwined against a dark brown background.
This extremely large Louis Vuitton suitcase is painted with a monogram and is in a unique condition.
The suitcases are obviously no longer used to travel.
Because of its luxurious appearance they are used as the highlight in the interior.
The suitcases are nicely stackable and are therefore often used as wall decorations with suitcases of various sizes and shapes.




Breedte: 112 cm
Hoogte: 72 cm
Diepte: 62 cm