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Large Italian chandelier in the style of stilnovo

Large and impressive Italian chandelier in the style of Stilnovo. With a diameter of 180 cm, this enormous chandelier gives a WOW feeling to your interior.


This luster has a large diameter but does not require much space in terms of height.
This allows it to hang practically on any ceiling.
The chandelier has a huge cachet and expands the interior.
Many people want a large majestic chandelier but are bored with a (much) too low ceiling.
This is the ideal solution to be able to hang a beautiful eye catcher from a chandelier without the ceiling height playing a role.
The luster has a modern Italian look & is very functional as every lampshade can be adjusted.

This luster is both a down-lighter and an uplighter.
There are also lamps in the top of the caps.
The gold colored inside of the caps ensure a cozy and warm light in every room!