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Russian big-eye Binoculars, 1950s 15 x 110

This Russian 15 x 110 binoculars from the 50s was originally used for ground and air observation to defend against incoming enemies.


These binoculars are 70 years old and have been completely restored into a beautiful jewel.

This decorates your interior or office completely.

Ideal for your apartment on the coast, where you see everything in high resolution for razor sharp and extremely clear.

The huge 110 mm lenses provide incredible power for gathering light, which in combination with its high magnification of x15 allows the user to look over great distances with wonderfully clear, sharp, high resolution images. Equipped with a padded headrest for comfortable viewing. Handles are provided for quick and easy aiming at your goal.

The purpose of such enormous binoculars is to let as much light as possible penetrate. Lenses that absorb up to 980 times more light than the human eye!

Come see this!