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Piet Boon "Hot Kroon" chandelier by Maretti

Beautiful chandelier with a modern twist! One of the best known designs by Dutch designer Piet Boon.


This very exceptional chandelier was designed by the designer icon of exclusive indoor & outdoor lighting, Piet Boon.
The chandelier was produced by Maretti.
The chandelier is one of his best known designs.
The chandelier is based on an old classic chandelier with candles but then put in a modern twist.
This contemporary chandelier has a beautiful design & material choice.
It is a true hit from the Piet Boon lighting line.
The chandeliers are poured by hand with polyurethane so every chandelier is unique in its shape.
There are 18 fittings present in the chandelier and is in good condition!
The chandelier has a sublime design & is an absolute eye catcher!