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Exclusive Space Age "Boomerang" executive desk, 1980's

WOW, are you looking for an office that doesn't have someone else and can't get enough? Then this "Boomerang" executive office might be something for you.


This boomerang executive office is one of my favorite pieces ever. The office is a real masterpiece where craftsmanship and passion for wood blend together nicely.

This is an absolute eye-catcher in your office or interior.

The furniture was built in the 1980s by renowned furniture manufacturer Straure in Paris, the studio is located in the heart of Faubourg Saint Antoine, a Mecca for furniture manufacturing.

It took more than 400 hours of manual work to complete this creation, the result is amazing. The outside of the desk is in black brushed wenge and the inside of each compartment in solid satinwood.
Inside the office there are several drawers and storage compartments that flow together almost seamlessly, all in a round design.

The office can be viewed in "Het huis van Wauw".

So if you are looking for a WOW desk for your interior, this is definitely the piece to see.

The management desk is in absolute top condition.




Width: 225 cm
Height: 76 cm
Depth: 98 cm


Exclusive Space Age "Boomerang" executive desk, 1980's