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Maarten Van Severen Lounge chair for Pastoe, 2004

Maarten Van Severen designed the Lounge Chair LL04 in 2004 a year later Maarten Van Severen died at the age of 48 from the effects of cancer.


Maarten Van Severen was one of the few Belgian architects and designer who was and still is internationally known. Known as “the great hero of the Belgian Furniture Industry”.

His works were produced by the greatest furniture makers such as Vitra, Edra, Allesi, Pastoe etc ...

Maarten Van Severen's designs are minimalist and pure and always have a powerful appearance. Moreover, very good to sit, lie and use.

In 2004 he designed his masterpiece, the Maarten Van Severen Lounge Chair called LL04. One year later, Maarten Van Severen died from the effects of cancer.

He wanted a sleek, simplistic chair with the comfort of a lounge chair. The unique thing about the chair is not only the design with one armrest that serves as a side table, but also the natural arched leather on the elegant stainless metal elegant. This provides an incredible seating comfort.

Only 130 units were produced, with the first 15 units serving for museums, etc.
The Maarten Van Severen Lounge Chair that we have in collection has the number 026 and is a first edition. The chair in unbelievably beautiful condition with a beautiful original patina.

This lounge chair is one of the rarest pieces of furniture designed by Maarten Van Severen and is highly sought after by top architects, interior designers and collectors worldwide.

The chance of ever buying one again is very small, but you have this chance now! To place this rare chair, of which only 130 pieces were made, in your interior.



Maarten Van Severen Lounge chair for Pastoe, 2004