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Columbus Globe designed by Paul Oestergaard, 1950s

The king of the globes, this handmade globe designed by Paul Oestergaard and manufactured by "Columbus Globe" in Germany in the mid-50s is a true jewel.


WOW, finally after four years of searching we were able to get hold of our favorite globe. And are therefore extremely proud to be able to present these to you.

The illuminated floor globe is made of crystal glass, hand-blown and completely handmade.

This model is a special masterpiece of traditional globe production.

The production of a hand-blown large crystal glass ball is a real challenge that can only be overcome by a handful of glass artists worldwide.

That is why it takes many days before the selected materials can be turned into a cartographic and optical masterpiece with a lot of experience, skill and passion.

The cartography is written by hand.

This technique, passed on from generation to generation, is only controlled by COLUMBUS. The passion and craftsmanship required to produce this model, its stately large, simple elegance and extraordinary quality make it something very special - unique and impossible to imitate .

The DUO illuminated globe is the king of the balls and its cartography is accordingly luxurious. The relief is printed in 24 separate steps that give the world its own appearance.

The illuminated sphere shows the physical environment of the world in vibrant and harmonious colors and also an impressive amount of interesting and current information.

The illuminated sphere shows the physical map, while the non-illuminated sphere shows the political map.

Very exceptional piece