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This Ball Chair is known for its unconventional shape. The seat is in perfect condition! A seat to dream away in.


We have been looking for this for a long time !!!
The super known relax chair with the most memorable shape!
The one and only Ball Chair!

The Ball Chair was designed by Eero Aarnio for Adelta.
The Ball Chair is also called the Globe Chair due to its shape.
The armchair was designed in 1963 and consists of an acrylic exterior and a thickly upholstered interior.

Its shape made it a classic of industrial design.
Due to its perfect proportions, it also fits through a door hole.
Appointing the seat was clearly very easy for Eero Aarnio.
It gives such a cozy and cozy atmosphere when you sit in it!
You are, as it were, somewhat shut off from what is going on around the Ball Chair.
A real cocoon to de-stress or read a book in peace.

You can relax in it and it is very spacious inside.




Breedte: 105 cm
Hoogte: 120 cm
Diepte: 98 cm