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Vintage Italian designer chairs by Willy Rizzo for Cidue

A set of 4 beautiful vintage chairs with a brass frame designed by Willy Rizzo for Cidue. Equipped with original leather seats.


This beautiful set of 4 vintage chairs was produced by the Italian manufacturer Cidue in the 70s. The designer of the chairs is Willy Rizzo.

We have 2 sets of 4 available!
So a nice set of 8!

The frame of the chairs is in brass and have already obtained beautiful hues over the years.
The seats are extremely comfortable and the leather seats are very soft and in perfect condition.
Cidue is known for its smooth, beautiful design of the metal.
The seats have a modern look due to the curves and simplicity of the frame.



Breedte: 48 cm
Hoogte: 80 cm
Diepte: 58 cm